My friend Jim Moore, started a Birkenstock store and mail order company about the same time I did. When he closed his store about a decade ago, Footprints received much of his inventory, including hundreds of Limited Edition Birkenstock Watches by Fossil. We sold the inventory, but didn't know anything about watches. I took some of the watches to a jeweler friend of mine who told me they were pretty good little watches and they would just need new batteries. This is before I was in the habit of watching how-to YouTube videos. I ruined a few watches trying to change the batteries. I failed. I put the watches on shelves in our warehouse and there they sat for the next 9 years. I had good intentions to get to them, but never got around to them.
My mom had an embroidered saying hung on her wall which read: "The best time to plant an oak tree is thirty years ago.  The next best time is today." I should have acted on those watches 10 years ago, but now is the next best time. I watched some videos on how to replace watch batteries and ordered a bevy of watch repair tools to professionally be able to replace 400 batteries. All the watches have had their time set to current CST time and let sit for a few days to confirm that they work. If all 400 watches keep good time and enough people are intrigued by these vintage keepsake watches, we can raise close to $8,000 for the Heather Moore Bernard Music Scholarship Fund. Read more about this fabulous program.

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