Birkenstock makes footwear in regular (R) and narrow (N) widths.  Regular fits medium to wide feet, and narrow fits narrow to medium feet.  The narrow width has a bit more of an angle from the big toe to the pinky toe than the regular width, causing it to fit a bit shorter.  If you are a medium width who can wear either a regular or narrow Birkenstock, you will probably wear one size larger in the narrow width.  For example, a US women's size 8 medium might wear either a 38R or 39N.  In a proper fit, you should have about 1/8- to 1/4-inch of space in front of your toes and behind your heel to allow for proper break-in of the cork footbed.

Birkenstock enclosed shoes with removable footbeds often fit a bit trimmer than the Classic Footbed and Soft Footbed styles, so some customers step up a size in the enclosed shoes.   


Most Dansko styles are made in one medium width. (A select few are also available in narrow (N) or wide (W) widths.)  Customers who wear a Birkenstock regular width usually wear one size larger in Dansko. For example, a 38R Birkenstock often wears size 39 in Dansko.  Customers who wear a Birkenstock narrow width usually wear the same size in Dansko.  For example, a 38N Birkenstock often wears size 38 in Dansko.

Dansko Stapled Clogs, such as the Professional, are designed to allow a bit of movement in the heel as you walk.  These styles have a rocker bottom and feel like wearing an open back clog.  The heel counter gives the look of a full shoe and provides heel protection and stability, but it should not be tight against the heel of your foot.  In a proper fit, there is usually enough room to slide a finger between the heel of your foot and the heel counter of the clog.  As you walk, your heel should move up and down freely without rubbing.


It has been our experience that the Haflinger contoured cork footbed clogs run size-consistent with Birkenstock regular width sizing. The Haflinger house slippers and contoured cork footbed sandals seem to be size-consistent with Dansko sizing. 


Smartwool makes a selection of socks that are Unisex.  Many Men's Smartwool styles may also be considered Unisex.  Compared to the Unisex and Men's socks, Women's Smartwool socks have a narrower heel and a slimmer fit.


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