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  • King Block Bot

King Block Bot

$ 70.00



Unlike some public figures, King Block Bot enjoys mingling with his subjects. Every Tues, Thurs, and Sat, he takes the Teapot Carriage out for a city tour, stopping frequently to chat with those less fortunate than him...not everyone can be made with such a symmetrical head and body after all.

But for all his good looks, King Block Bot is also a learned bot. It's almost as if dictionary and atlas pages are part of his skin. He recently founded a city library full of comfy chairs and floor-to-ceiling bookcases with rolling ladders.

So if you'd like a little royalty in your life or simply enjoy a whimsical creation, King Block Bot is ready to rule your realm.

(King Block Bot is reassembled using a vintage silver-plated teapot, two wooden blocks, vintage dictionary and atlas pages, picture hanger appendages, and clock spring "steam.")

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