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  • Roland the Rhino

Roland the Rhino

$ 90.00



As a former circus tight rope walker, Roland the Rhino is now enjoying the golden age of retirement. Since he doesn't have to watch his weight anymore, he's become a bit on the bulky side and, consequently, moves a little slowly (some say they haven't seen him move at all). It just gives him more time to stop and eat the flowers . . . after he's smelled them, of course.

Tik-Tik, his little bird friend, is an ever-present companion. They get along famously and wouldn't have it any other way. Roland even tries to roll in a swampy marsh every once in a while to give Tik-Tik a better variety of bugs to choose from.

If you think you might have the perfect home for this sweet retiree and his best friend, please adopt Roland today.

(Roland features a recycled animal cracker metal tin, jello mold nose, hook horn, salad tong ears, drawer handle feet, and a butter knife tail. Tik-Tik is from clock parts.)

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