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Shop Birki's ➭ or Shop Papillio ➭
Birki’s & Papillio are two names of brands within the Birkenstock family of brands. Like the other brands,
Birki’s & Papillio share the same family heritage of more than 200 years of designing and
manufacturing comfortable footwear. A complete understanding of the human foot and how it works is at
the core of each sandal and clog that they make. Read more ➭
Shop Earth Shoe ➭
While studying in Brazil, yoga enthusiast Anne Kalso notices Brazilians with perfect posture walking along the beach.
Their footprints in the sand left more of a depression under the heel than the forefoot. She reasoned: Wouldn’t it be
great if we could make a shoe that would allow you to walk with perfect posture like walking on the beach?
By designing a line of footwear with a slightly negative heel she accomplished just that.
Shop Finn Comfort ➭
Quality without compromise – Finn Comfort sandals and shoes are made the old-fashioned way.
Uppers are meticulously hand-stitched to the lightweight polyurethane soles. Only the highest quality materials are used.
The orthopedic contoured cork and latex footbed is cushioned for comfort. The design promotes proper foot function.
Weight is more evenly distributed to eliminate foot and back pain. Cork footbeds are removable for airing and hand cleaning.
Crafted in Germany. Finn Comfort generally runs size consistent with Dansko sizing.
Shop Footprints ➭
As you can tell from the Footprints logo above, it is different from the logo of our store. Though this wonderful line
of Footprints shoes shares our name, we are not related except for the fact that we have been believing in them,
wearing them and selling them for the past few decades. Footprints is another of the brands in the Birkenstock Family of Brands.
They all share a common heritage of 200 years of designing and manufacturing comfortable footwear. Read more ➭
Shop Miz Mooz ➭
Miz Mooz has always remained committed to the principle that fashion and comfort can happily co-exist.
We believe that our shoes are a reflection of the people that wear them – eclectic, edgy, playful, quirky, but
most of all, FUN! To this end, each shoe is carefully finished by hand, and the resulting variations in color and
texture ensure that every pair is as unique and interesting as the woman who wears it.
Shop Naot ➭
Founded in 1942 in Israel, Naot Footwear features a unique anatomical footbed that replicates
the contours of the foot, just like a footprint when walking in the sand. Naot uses the finest quality
raw materials combined with superior craftsmanship to create comfortable shoes to maintain foot health.
The also look great! Size-consistent with Dansko sizing.
Shop Wolky ➭
On average, one pair of shoes is made of 50 different parts. Each part must be placed very
precisely in order to create the perfect model. A puzzle that requires a lot of craftsmanship.
Wolky uses only the highest quality materials that are appealing, comfortable, and durable.
Shop OTZ ➭
In 2005, Ludo, creative director of a leading athletic lifestyle brand, came across an article written by

Petr Hlavacek describing the oldest shoes every found. These belonged Oetzi, the iceman,
and dated back to around 3300 B.C. The Shoes were quite remarkable considering the time period – made of deer
skin stitched to a bear skin sole with an internal woven net filled with dried grass and moss for warmth and comfort.
Inspired by Oetzi’s ingenuity, Ludo realized he could redesign this iconic shoe incorporating today’s trend, comfort
and technology. Hence the concept of Oetzi3300 Shoes was born. Comfort from a removable, contoured cork
footbed. Size consistent with our Dansko sizing. 
Shop California Footwear ➭
There are lots of cork footbed sandals in the marketplace – some good and others not so good. Of course the
original, Birkenstock, is our favorite. However, there are lots of variations on a theme and we think
California Footwear offers a food take on this type of sandal, especially for the price.
The three new styles that we have to offer have a light, breezy look with colorful more delicate, feminine straps.
The leather straps are soft glove leather stitched to a leather liner. The contoured cork
footbed is a soft footbed, meaning there is a layer of foam under the soft suede liner. The arch support
is more pronounced than most sandals in the market but not quite as
pronounced as with the Birkenstock sandals that we sell.
Shop Sanita ➭
That’s right. We are liquidating all of our Sanita footwear so we can devote more of
our time and resources to one of favorite brands – Dansko.
We have lowered the price of all of our Sanitas up to 80% off.
We cannot restock at these prices, quantities are limited.