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Our Repair Services

Half Resole

For wear mainly at the heel. Additional fee if cork repair required.

From 29.50

Full Resole

For even wear along the sole. Additional fee if cork repair required.

From $49

New Footbeds

For extensive cork damage or loss of support.

From $99

Birkenstock Repair

Half Resole

• Replace back half of sole with EVA sole material

• Overlay heel with extra-durable "Cat's Paw"

• Repair cork, if necessary (extra fee)

• Reseal cork

You keep your original straps, buckles, footbeds, and front half of soles.

Birkenstock Repair

Full Resole

• Replace entire sole with EVA sole material

• Repair cork, if necessary (extra fee)

• Reseal cork

You keep your original straps, buckles, and footbeds.

Birkenstock Repair

Footbed Replacement

• Transfer upper to new footbed

• Install new EVA sole

You keep your original straps and buckles.

Drop Off or Mail In Your Repair

Drop Off Your Repair

If you're able to visit us in Lawrence, Kansas, you may bring your repair to our store. We're on Massachusetts Street, just south of downtown.

If Mick is available, he may be able to discuss repair options with you at that time. Otherwise, he will call you.

Repairs usually take just a few days and are paid for when you return to pick them up.

Meet Mick

Our Birkenstock Repair Specialist

For 40 years Mick has given new life to Birkenstock footwear from all over the country.

Care & Repair FAQ

Product Care

Birkenstock sandals and clogs with exposed cork at the edges of the footbed (most Classic Footbed and Soft Footbed styles) come with a layer of cork sealer applied at the factory. You will notice that the cork on new sandals and clogs looks shiny.

Over time, the cork sealer wears off and the cork will begin to appear dull. This is when it's time to reseal. A single, thin coat of sealer is all you need.

How often cork sealer needs to be reapplied will vary for each pair of Birkenstocks, depending on how often the pair is worn and your individual wear pattern (for example, if you scuff your heels together as you walk, you may need to apply sealer to those areas more frequently). Check your cork each season, and reseal as needed. There is no need to apply sealer to cork that still appears shiny.

Birkenstock makes a cork sealer that comes with a convenient applicator. We carry this as part of the Deluxe Shoe Care Kit and also as a stand-alone item. Only apply a single, thin layer as needed. More is not better. A thick coat or multiple layers of this type of sealer can become brittle and crack, which can actually damage the cork, rather than protect it! However, when used as directed, this is the easiest and most convenient way to care for your cork.

In our repair shop, we use Barge Cement to bond our repairs and also to seal cork. Barge Cement is a contact cement that remains pliable once dry, though you still only need a single, thin layer to reseal cork. We carry small tubes of Barge Cement for at-home use. Apply in a well-ventilated area, because this product does give off fumes. With Barge Cement you will need an applicator, such as a small brush.

Please refer to individual products for specific application instructions, or call us at 785-841-7027 for advice.

NOTE: Birkenstock Exquisites and other styles where the cork is wrapped with leather do not require cork sealer. Birkenstock shoes and boots, which have removable cork footbeds, also do not require cork sealer. Only apply cork sealer to exterior-exposed cork.

Suede uppers may be pre-treated with a suede and leather protectant spray. This is most effective if done before you've worn your footwear, but protectant spray can also be reapplied after you've cleaned the uppers.

To apply a protectant spray, unbuckle all of the straps, turn the sandal over on top of a piece of newspaper and lay the straps out flat. Evenly apply the protectant spray according to the bottle instructions, avoiding the sole. If the straps are not able to be fully opened, or if you are treating a clog or enclosed style, stuff the inside of the sandal or clog with newspaper to hold up the straps for even spray application. Allow to dry completely before wearing.

We carry a protectant spray by Birkenstock that is sold as a part of the Deluxe Shoe Care Kit, and we also carry a stand-alone protectant spray by Dansko.

To clean suede and restore the nap, use the nylon and brass bristle side of a Suede and Nubuck brush in a gentle circular motion.

We carry a Suede and Nubuck brush by Birkenstock that is sold as a part of the Deluxe Shoe Care Kit, and we also carry a stand-alone Suede and Nubuck brush.

NOTE: Leather treatments and cleaning techniques can change the appearance of the leather. Always test in a small and inconspicuous spot to be sure you are happy with the results. We recommend testing a spot that will be hidden under your buckled straps, or if there are no straps, a spot on on the arch-side of your shoe, near the sole and back toward the heel.


No problem! We always need to take a look ourselves before we are able to give you an accurate repair estimate. Be sure to include your phone number when you send us your repair, and once we receive it we will call you to discuss the repair options. If you think your Birkenstocks may be beyond repair, you may call us at 785-841-7027 before you mail them in.

Mick has done all manner of repairs over the years that extend beyond the standard resoles and footbed replacements. Whether you need a buckle or rivet replacement, a strap repair, or a custom lift, he's seen most everything. Our furry friends tend to love chewing on Birkenstocks, and Mick gets several "my-dog-ate-my-Birkenstocks" repairs each year as well.

Since these non-standard repairs usually require custom solutions, Mick needs to evaluate your specific pair before he can give you an accurate estimate. Feel free to give us a call at 785-841-7027 if you would like to discuss your unique repair needs.

We specialize in Birkenstock repairs, and we do not typically repair other brands of footwear.

We are able to resole Haflinger cork footbed clogs, such as the Grizzly Clog, using our Birkenstock EVA sole material. We are not able to order the original Haflinger soles or footbeds for repairs.

Occasionally, we are able to make repairs to other brands of footwear, depending on the nature of the repair and the materials used in the construction of the shoe. This would need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please call us at 785-841-7027 before sending in non-Birkenstock repairs.

We carry replacement footbeds for the Super Birki Clog and the Profi Birki Clog. We may be able to special order replacement footbeds for the A 630 / A 640 Clogs. Please call us at 785-841-7027 to check availability.

Currently, original replacement footbeds are not available for Birkenstock's shoes and boots. However, if your footbeds are in need of replacement, we have found that SOLE insoles work well as replacement footbeds inside Birkenstock shoes and boots. If you have a question about which replacement insoles might work best in your shoes, give us a call at 785-841-7027 and we'd be happy to help!

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