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As you can tell from the Footprints logo above, it is different from the logo of our store. Though this wonderful line of Footprints shoes shares our name, we are not related except for the fact that we have been believing in them, wearing them and selling them for the past few decades. Footprints is another of the brands in the Birkenstock Family of Brands. They all share a common heritage of 200 years of designing and manufacturing comfortable footwear. A complete understanding of the human foot and how it works is at the core of every shoe they make. Inside each pair of Footprints shoes you will find contoured cork footbeds similar to the contours you would find in Birki’s and Papillio but less bulky. Footprints’ cork footbeds are less thick and bulky for a couple of reasons. Since the footbeds are protected inside an enclosed shoe, they are not subjected to the same amount of wear and tear. Also, you are able to build a more attractive shoe around a trimmer footbed. The comfort and foot-health benefits you receive from wearing Birkenstock sandals would be similar to what you would get from wearing Footprints shoes. The support is just a little less pronounced. Footprints shoes were made in Europe in exacting detail. With up to twenty different parts in each shoe, it is a time consuming process to coordinate and requires precision. The uppers are cut and stitched in Italy, then shipped the Portugal to be hand-stitched to polyurethane soles, then shipped to Germany to have the cork footbeds installed and boxed. Footprints Shoes are made of the finest materials following rigorous European environmental and labor standards. In a world where there is so much pressure to make things cheaper in China, we are proud to represent Footprints and all the other Birkenstock family of brands.


We want you to be happy with your purchase and enjoy years of wear and comfort with every pair. Here are some tips for determining your Footprints size:

If you own a pair, its size and width are stamped inside the shoe on the suede liner of the footbed. The width is indicated by the footprint next to the EU size. An outlined footprint indicates a regular width and a solid footprint indicates a narrow width.

If you've ever purchased from us, we may have your size in our records. To inquire about your order history, please call us at (800) 488-8316.

Footprints shoes provide Level Two arch support, which is more moderate than the prominent Level Three arch support of the Birkenstock Classic Footbed. Most Footprints styles are size consistent with Birkenstock Classic Footbed sizing, but the Women's Fashion and Women's City Casual Collections have a trimmer fit, and in these styles some women with wide feet may need to order one size larger than their Classic Footbed size.

When trying on Footprints shoes, it may be helpful to remove the footbeds from the shoes, place them on the floor, and then stand on them when they are outside of the shoes. This gives a better view of how the feet fill out the footbeds. The difference in length from one size to the next is about 1/4".

• If you would like to discuss sizing and fit, we’re happy to help! Feel free to call us at (800) 488-8316. We will do our best to advise you, but please remember there are many factors that affect sizing and ultimately the final decision must be yours.

• Please consult the size charts below for comparable U.S. men's and women's sizes. The sizing charts are only a general guide.

Replacement footbeds for some Footprints shoes are available from $52 per pair plus s&h. To inquire about availability or to place an order, please call us at (800) 488-8316.

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