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Birkenstock Family of Brands

Birki’s & Papillio are two names of brands within the Birkenstock family of brands. Like the other brands, Birki’s & Papillio share the same family heritage of more than 200 years of designing and manufacturing comfortable footwear. A complete understanding of the human foot and how it works is at the core of each sandal and clog that they make.

Birki’s & Papillio also have a wonderful line of fun, colorful contoured cork footbed sandals and clogs which are playful additions to anyone’s wardrobe. In comparing Birki’s & Papillio with Birkenstock, the differences are as follows: Birkenstock is more traditional with neutral colors and designs which will stay in style for many seasons to come. Birki’s & Papillio are more daring with their fashion. Every season’s bold new colors, patterns and textures are created so that you can truly wear something unique and fun. Birkenstock uses what is known as the Classic Footbed. It has a fairly pronounced amount of arch support, which is great, but some prefer an arch system which is not so pronounced. That being said, the Birki’s & Papillio footbed has more support than just about any other brand, just not as much as the Birkenstock Classic Footbed. Both Birki’s & Papillio use the same contoured footbed. If you love the Papillio footbed, you will love the Birki’s footbed.


We want you to be happy with your purchase and enjoy years of wear and comfort with every pair. Here are some tips for determining your Birki's & Papillio size:

If you own a pair, its size and width are stamped on the footbed. The width is indicated by the footprint next to the EU size. An outlined footprint indicates a regular width and a solid footprint indicates a narrow width.

The difference between regular and narrow is primarily through the toe area of the footbed. When a regular width footbed is held back to back with a narrow width footbed, the loss of width is most obvious at the little toe. The narrow width footbed is also about 1/8" shorter than the regular width footbed of the same EU size, which is why we sometimes recommend sizing up in the narrow width footbed (see sizing charts below).

Some customers feel the Birki's & Papillio Cork Footbed is roomier in the toe area than the Birkenstock Classic Footbed. It's not so much that the footbed is wider, but it has a slightly more rounded shape in the toe area. Some customers notice this, and others do not.

If you've ever purchased from us, we may have your size in our records. To inquire about your order history, please call us at (800) 488-8316.

• If you would like to discuss sizing and fit, we’re happy to help! Feel free to call us at (800) 488-8316.

• Please consult the sizing charts below for comparable U.S. men's and women's sizes. The sizing charts are only a general guide.

Birki's Professional Clogs and Replacement Footbed information

When trying on Birki's clog styles such as the Super Birki or Professional Birki, it may be helpful to remove the insoles from the clogs, place them on the floor, and then stand on them when they are outside of the clogs. This allows you to better see how your feet fill out the insoles. In general, the difference from one size to the next is about 1/4". If the length looks fine but the clog is just too roomy, some customers have remedied this by placing an additional insert either on top of or beneath the removable insole.

Replacement insoles for the Super Birki, the Professional Birki, and the Birki Sport/Outdoor clogs are available from $20 per pair plus s&h. To inquire or place an order, please call us at (800) 488-8316.

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