Open Position - Assistant Store Manager

Who We Are

Footprints is a locally-owned, long-established specialty Birkenstock sandal store. Because of our specialized knowledge, extensive inventory and complete repair service, we attract customers from hundreds of miles away. Customers can also shop our website, place orders over the phone or arrange for curbside pickup. We use Shopify as our point of sale system and website host. We rely on the apps, Stocky and ShipStation to manage inventory and ship orders. Customers love our products, and us by extension for providing those products in a professional and entertaining manner. We essentially provide foot health and comfort in the form of our footwear. Helping customers discover what they want is our job. It is a personally rewarding job. Although we are always busy and it can be challenging, the job is fun and can become a career.


Who We Are Looking For

The position of Assistant Manager would encompass most operations of the business, but the primary focus would be to help manage the processing of mail order transactions, taking phone orders, shipping orders and receiving shipments. Attention to detail is a must. We handle thousands of orders. Each order is important to that customer. We need to make sure we do it right the first time. We spend much of our time at the computer. Basic computer skills are required. If you have prior experience with Shopify, Stocky and ShipStation, that would be most helpful. Some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Indesign would also be helpful in terms of adding images to our website and social media promotions.

Good communication skills are key. Listening is more important than talking. We are first and foremost interested in what the customer's needs are. For that, we need to be good listeners and be empathetic. The ability to observe and understand the needs of our customers would be your primary role. You then combine that ability to observe and understand your customer's needs with a broad understanding of products to create happy solutions. If you can provide the ability to listen and communicate well, we can provide the product knowledge training.

We are a team. We depend upon each other. Being responsible and reliable is paramount. 

We want everyone who works at Footprints to wear the sandals and shoes that we sell and to believe in what we sell. We sell great products.

Being in reasonably good shape is helpful as you will be on your feet a lot and running up and downstairs to grab shoes for people.

We are open 10 AM - 6 PM Monday - Saturday. Saturday is our busiest day.



This is a full-time position. Pay would be competitive and we can discuss compensation based upon the skills and talents that you would bring to the job.



Please send us your resume at 

For a better chance of getting an interview for this position, please include (along with your resume) a concise paragraph describing why you think you would be a good fit for our store and why you want to be part of our organization.


Thank you!


Mick @ Footprints