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Wilson State Lake is an Army Corps of Engineers Lake located along K-32, the Post Rock Scenic Byway, about 5 miles north of I-70. The approach to the lake is peppered with giant wind turbines. Arguably this is the most beautiful state park in Kansas. The rugged shoreline is punctuated by scenic cliffs and rocky outcrops. The lake has the clearest water in Kansas with 9,000 surface acres of water and over 100 miles of shoreline. The 8,000 acre adjacent Wilson Wildlife Area abounds with deer, bobwhite quail, waterfowl, numerous song birds and migratory birds. The striped bass, smallmouth bass and walleye attract thousands of anglers each year. 

Miles of trails let you explore the scenery up close. The Switchgrass Bike Trail is a challenging mountain bike trail several miles long with stacked loops and high cliffs and ledges offering an adrenaline rush for bike riders riders of all levels of skill.
Switchgrass can be found in various nurseries as it is an attractive ornamental grass for our yards. You will also find switchgrass being grown as a crop for use in biodegradable plastics and cellulosic ethanol. But it was native and widespread in the prairies before the prairie was broken for farming. You will find switchgrass growing deep within the ravines which feed Wilson Lake. The 12 foot tall switchgrass pokes through the rocky cliffs and waves in the relentless Kansas wind. The soft, feather-like heads glisten in the waning light of sunset as the tall grass energetically makes a musical accompaniment to a gorgeous sunset.

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